How to Follow Through With Your Goals

Last time we looked at how difficult it is to consistently follow through with your life goals. Has willpower ever really provided you consistent long term results? I suggested that my value attachment concept is the answer.

Consider this; when you find yourself doing some healthy, appropriate thing in your life do you ever really think about willpower? No. You just do it and you typically do it with enthusiasm, consistency and pride. Will power and motivation are typically not even thoughts. Why is that?

It is because you have knowingly or unknowingly previously attached that behavior to a major set of VALUES. Think of things in your life right now that you “just do”. They may be difficult, mundane or require sacrifice yet you just do them. There are more of these already in your life than you realize. You do them because they are all attached to major values weather you recognize those values or not. This is often a subconscious process that works amazingly well. The key is making it a conscious process that YOU control so you can use it every day to achieve your goals!

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Climb High!

Mark Britain M.Ed.