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Marriage Counselling Amarillo Swears By With Mark’s 30+ yrs Experience & 1000+ happy couples


Mark Britain M.Ed. marriage counseling in Amarillo Texas specializes in a number of Marriage and Family Counseling issues, Couples Counseling Issues and Marriage Therapy Issues. Marriages and relationships can be difficult and sometimes feel hopeless. Parenting differences, communication problems and financial problems are only a few of the relationship issues that can lead to marital stress, dissatisfaction and pending divorce. Mark’s thirty years of experience with thousands of couples can help you find hope and solutions for your marriage and family.


External influences such as workload issues and financial problems can invade a marriage. Left unaddressed these things can fester and destroy a marriage often breaking up whole families. Mark knows the tools to teach you how to overcome these toxic issues.

Sexual issues including performance or attraction issues can affect the intimacy of marriage. Many couples experience affairs, infidelity, cheating or pornography. Mark Britain M.Ed. marriage counseling can help these problems and help couples heal allowing them to save their marriages and families often making their relationship better than ever.

As marriages age, problems change. Mark recognizes this and can help you with issues such as empty nest syndrome and “adult” children issues. Often we become estranged from our children or grandchildren. Mark can help you design tools and techniques to help what may feel like damaged or lost relationships with loved ones.

Sometimes couples have lost their way spiritually. Mark’s Christian marriage counseling can help couples reground themselves in a solid direction that reestablishes a foundation for their marriage, children and entire family systems.

Whether it is Premarital Counseling Marriage and Family Counseling or Couples Counseling Mark’s experience will help you find hope, direction and the solid tools you need to regain your marriage, your relationship and your family. Below is a list of some of the issues Mark Britain M.Ed. Counseling in Amarillo, TX addresses daily. If you have any questions regarding your particular situation or if you would like to make an appointment please call Mark Britain M.Ed. on his office telephone line at 806-352-5582.

Communication • Parenting • Financial Problems • Sexual Issues • Pending Divorce • Premarital Counseling Workload issues • Empty Nest • Adult Child Issues • Estranged Children / Grandchildren • Affairs/ Infidelity • Spiritual/Christian Counseling