Often when we genuinely want to do better or feel better we become immediately
overwhelmed trying to find a place to start. This often results in “Paralysis”. We then do

At counseling I often help people with this dynamic. Be it in Individual
Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, or Anger Management Counseling reversing this
“paralysis” is key.

We can break our paralysis by using something simple that we apply in many areas of our
lives but not often ABOUT our lives. I am talking about a checklist. As an Aerobatic pilot it
is critical that I use check lists prior to and during my flights. This allows me to, firstly, stay
alive. Secondly to perform well and finally to feel good. We use checklists for simple things
like going to the grocery store “successfully” so why would we not use one for something as
important as our lives and our families!

We rarely consciously develop a ‘Life Check List”. If you were asked to identify what is
on your life checklist , that is what must be in place in your life to even begin to expect life to
go well what would you list? It is a surprisingly hard question. However, having counseled
people for over thirty years I have discovered that there are only about seven items that
must be on our lists. Here are the basics:

*Fuel (not just food)

*Motion (not just exercise)

*Productivity (not just work)




*Spirituality (not just religion or Church)

Think of a checklist like a recipe. We don’t expect a cake to turn out well without all of the
Ingredients. You have never said “I don’t have any flour but that’s okay the cake will be fine”.
So a Life Checklist is like a recipe. We need to make sure all of the ingredients are present in
right quantities!

Value your life. Ask yourself what must be on your checklist, your recipe. Let’s not
continue to expect our lives to go well without a “Life Checklist”. Consider the
list above as a solid start.

I would love to help you further develop your personal checklist so you can begin
living the life you have always wanted! Don’t stay Paralyzed!