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Kathryn Britain has practiced Hypnotherapy for the last 10 years. Trained in Clinical Hypnosis Kathryn specializes in treating chronic pain, weight loss, bad habits, anxiety, depression, phobias and performance (jobs, sports) related issues.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change! Often misunderstood Hypnotherapy is very different from the “Hypnotist” seen on stage and film. Hypnotherapy is actually based on a very natural process. Hypnotherapy allows YOU not the therapist to tap into YOUR very powerful mind and utilize YOUR minds strengths to work for you not against you to achieve your goals.

Far from magical or mystical Hypnotherapy simply unlocks the strengths you already have that are being blocked or that you may not even be aware of. Call Kathryn for a free consultation. Remove the restrictions that are limiting you. Set your mind free to perceive, feel and perform as it was designed. Kathryn’s phone number at Mark Britain M. Ed. Counseling in Amarillo, TX. Is 806-352-5582