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We all want to be healthier and to perform or “do” better. Health allows us to enjoy life and to avoid the difficulties associated with feeling bad or being sick. The most common complaint today sounds something like: “I know I need to eat better, exerciser more, stop smoking, BUT I JUST CANT SEEM TO MAKE MYSELF DO IT”. Interestingly the ancient Greeks had a name for this problem of not doing what we know is right and healthy. They called it “Akrasia”. The Greeks also knew how to unlock our potential so we can do what is right and healthy. To perform at our peak levels. In over thirty years of counseling and psychotherapy Mark has used this knowledge to help thousands of people regain their health and increase their performance levels.

Mark personally knows a lot about peak performance. He achieved a professional rating in skydiving before he was 20 years old and completed over 1,000 skydives. Mark, a professional mountain guide recently summited his 45th mountain over 14,000 feet tall. Mark has also been an aerobatic pilot for over 15 years. With all of this experience under his belt Mark loves sharing his knowledge with anyone who wants to take their Health, Sports performance or Job performance to new levels.

You can achieve levels of job performance and sports performance you never thought possible. An additional tool available to you is Hypnotherapy. Kathryn Britain, Clinical Hypnotherapist works with Mark to provide current state of the art hypnotherapy to clients. Used by many professionals and professional athletes to achieve optimum performance this technique is available to you to unlock your potential. Using the strength, power and intelligence you already possess, Kathryn will allow you to remove your blocks and allow you to tap into your existing potential! Mark and Kathryn also assist clients with weight loss, stopping smoking and helping people improve their nutrition and their exercise levels. Using his clinical knowledge and personal experience Mark will help you FINALLY achieve your goals.

Chronic pain can be crippling and traditionally difficult to treat. Traditionally many sufferers find themselves a slave to prescription medication. Mark and Kathryn work with clients daily to cope with chronic pain via hypnotherapy often reducing their pain levels. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change!

Your health is one of your most precious possessions. Protect it. Improve it. At Mark Britain M.Ed. counseling in Amarillo, TX we help people every day with health issues, performance issues and chronic pain. Achieve your potential. Free yourself from the old “I know I should but I don’t” cycle of failure. Try a different approach to your chronic pain. Below is a list of some of the issues Mark Britain M.Ed. Counseling in Amarillo, TX addresses daily. If you have any questions regarding your particular situation or if you would like to make an appointment please call Mark Britain M.Ed on his office telephone line at 806-352-5582..

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