You have a brand New Year in front of you. A New year to do with what you wish.
Consider that even when you do something as simple as going to the grocery store or baking a cake you use a list or a recipe. In fact you don’t expect to be successful without one. For more complex things like flying we certainly hope our pilot uses a checklist! I know that when I fly Airshow Aerobatics in my airplane I go over my checklist many times. I want to be successful.
So what about a life recipe, a life checklist? It only makes sense that something as important as your life, your New Year, deserves a recipe or checklist as well. Yet we rarely even consider this truth.
Consider these “ingredients” as a start to developing your Life Recipe. Keep in mind the quantity and sequence of ingredients is important as well.
1. Spirituality
2. Family
3. Fuel (ie. what you eat/put in you body)
4. Motion (ie. exercise, outdoor activities, active sports)
5. Work (need a change?, develop new interests/skills)
6. Meaningfulness/Passion (beyond work and home)
7. Productivity (beyond work-to create, build, produce)
8. Social interaction
9. FUN!

Identify What you want, How you want to Feel, Who you want to be. Don’t leave your life to chance. Develop your own recipe. Design your own checklist so you can fill your life with joy so you too can Fly High!
Mark Britain, Counselor.