marriage counselling in texas

People often hesitate or waver regarding the decision to seek or not seek Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Family Counseling, Premarital Counseling or Relationship Counseling. Here is a way to finally and decisively make that decision.

It’s easy. Only 3 parts!

FIRST – Ask yourself what you want. Not whether or not you want the SUV or the Sports car, but rather what you want in your life, in your marriage, your relationship. Make a list.

Most people will list things like:

Help mate
Parenting partner
Friend… Etc.

SECONDLY – If I told you there was a fifty-pound bar of gold buried in your backyard what would you do to get it? Your Answer would be ANYTHING!

THIRDLY – What is the list that you made in part 1 worth? Answer – PRICELESS!

Now you KNOW that of course you should actively and enthusiastically seek Marriage and Family Counseling  or Couples Counseling. Easy Answer!

Having been a Counselor, Mediator, Guide for the past 30 years I have learned what works in marriage counseling and as importantly, what does not. Allow me to help you achieve and fully live your priceless list.

But timing is everything when it comes to marriage counseling or when we have any relationship issues. After a certain period of time the motivational level of both the parties involved gets down to zero and then its too late for couples counseling. Unfortunately, couples wait a bit too long when it comes to seeking counseling sometimes even more than six years. Yes, you read it right, six years of hurt and trauma and only then seek a marriage counselor. Timing is essential to make sure counseling works like a charm and you get back to your happy married life.

Couples keep arguing about the same thing over and over for years without communicating effectively & honestly. Conflicts are inevitable part of any relationship but its important to pick your battles wisely in any relationship. Sometimes petty issues are thought of as important and the hurt continues to grow.

An experienced Marriage Counselor can help couples talk to each other honestly and sort out issues amicably by creating an relaxed environment, touching back on relationship goals and suggesting tips like making realistic timelines for change.

Wouldn’t you like to be good friends again and live happily ever after?

This is your life, your marriage, your relationship. Fully own it and call me today.