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Unhealthy behaviors in today’s world are a growing concern. Mark Britain M.Ed. Counseling in Amarillo, TX has, over the past thirty years, helped individuals, parents and families address a multitude of behavioral issues.

Mark helps people with substance abuse issues every day. Adults or adolescents, prescription or street drugs, Mark has developed techniques that go beyond the cookie cutter one size fits all approach. His techniques are designed to address the specific needs of each individual. Each person has different driving forces behind their abuse issues and these must be identified. Let Mark help you save your life, your child’s life, and your family. Act today.

Adolescents and children’s behavior are a rapidly growing concern in our world. It is also an area traditionally resistant to change. We are almost “held hostage” by their degree of defiant and often dangerous attitude and behavior. Avoiding responsibility, defiance, school performance problems or conduct problems at school are all issues that concern us. Let Mark show you a different more successful approach in addressing your adolescent’s behavior. Adolescents are certainly a group all their own but your back does not have to be against the wall! Typically it is difficult to engage young people in counseling. However, Mark’s non-psychobabble approach is very effective at breaking the ice, establishing rapport and thus engaging young people in MEANINGFUL and PRODUCTIVE life change. Call and let’s discuss your particular difficulties. Mark will develop a plan to address your concerns before things become worse.

Adolescents and many adults struggle with what has been called “phone addiction”. This may be the fastest growing, most dangerous, least addressed issue in today’s world. This problem is more accurately described as a compulsion– the irresistible desire to do something and an obsession– the constant thinking of something. Some research indicates that this addiction is a huge cause of other problems, particularly in children and adolescents. Left unaddressed this problem can stunt the social growth in young people and severely limit their lives both today and in the future. At Mark Britain Counseling Mark has developed techniques to address this huge issue. A combination of new parental tools, behavior modification, systematic desensitization and cognitive behavior therapy effectively brings this problem under control. We must address this problem today to avoid growing long term negative consequences. As parents we must recognize that our youth cannot do this on their own. They need for us to develop the resources that can save them. Call Mark today to develop and implement a plan that brings this behavior under control.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) remain real issues in our children, adolescents and even adults. Anyone who has dealt with this behavior knows how difficult and devastating it can be to individuals and families. Rather than relying only on medication, Mark works with individuals and parents to help clients self-manage their behavior. Behavior modification, self-monitoring and self-regulating are tools that can help regardless of family’s choice to utilize medication via their physician or not. Mark works with the entire family system to address the far reaching problems associated with this behavior.

Developmental issues in children and adolescents is another area Mark specializes in. Often Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder behaviors come from a young person getting “stuck” at a developmental point in their lives. This is often described by parents as “immature” behavior. Moving developmentally from toddler to child, child to adolescent or adolescent to young adult are all examples of developmental points in life. It might even include aging issues, moving from a period of generativity to stagnation. Mark will guide you as a parent in moving your child forward while working directly with your child allowing them to see a better, more mature way to behave.

Eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia are traditionally resistant to treatment. Mark has developed an understanding and subsequent treatment protocol to address these issues successfully. He will help you understand the underlying driving forces behind these difficult yet common struggles.

Unhealthy, damaging, even dangerous behaviors can be understood and treated successfully. Be it substance abuse, phone addiction, behavior in children and adolescents or eating issues Mark will help you identify their cause and develop a plan to change your behavior today. Below is a list of some of the issues Mark addresses daily. Call Mark Britain M.Ed. Counseling in Amarillo, TX. Mark’s telephone number is 806-352-5582.