It is usually about March that News Year’s resolutions fade away. Why do we frequently fall short in reaching our goals? Be it eating better, exercising or any other goal it is about three months in that we crash-fall short, quit!

Actually regardless of the time of year, a few weeks or months is about all our will power seems to sustain our pursuit of almost any goal.

Why is that? This fading or loss of momentum toward goals may be Americans number one complaint about their lives, yet no one actually has an accurate word to describe this phenomenon. We apply words like “lazy” or excuses like “not enough time” but we all know that these don’t really explain our failings.

The ancient Greeks, the Stoics; people like Marcus Aurelias and Epictetus actually had a word for this stalling out. They called it a Akrasia; “The lack of will to do things we know are right and good for us”.

Contemporary psychologists and motivational professionals suggest that awareness and mindfulness are the secret. Clearly Will Power, Awareness and Mindfulness, while important, are not the effective starting point to goal attainment as demonstrated by our poor success rate in consistently achieving our goals longitudinally.

Good news! Over the last 25 years I have developed what is known as Value Attachment Therapy (TM). My method will allow you to achieve your goals consistently and maintain them lifelong!

I will be talking about this in the next few weeks articles/blogs. Here is a hint about how my Value Attachment Therapy(TM) works. Victor Frankl once said “man is pushed by drives but pulled by values”.

Until next time.
Fly High!
Mark Britain M.Ed.