Mark Britain Counseling-Amarillo Texas

Mark Britain Counseling has been helping individuals and families for twenty five years in Amarillo, Texas. Mark Britain specializes in counseling services including: marriage and family counseling, individual counseling, adolescents and children issues, divorce counseling, anger management, bad habits counseling, blended-family counseling, depression treatment, mental health counseling, and hypnotherapy. Mark believes change is a continual process that each person can achieve on all levels of their life with a little help and Mark Britain loves to help people. Call Mark Britain today at 806-352-5582, he understands the anxiety that comes with stepping out and asking for help and he makes it easy for you and your loved ones.

Stay At Home Counseling

Safe Counseling

I am here to help despite the Covid 19 virus! While waiting for our world to return to normal, and it will, I want to respect your desire to best protect yourself and your family while still getting the help you need. We can easily, safely and effectively engage in counseling sessions with today’s modern technology so the corona virus need not stop you from getting the help you need to address your issues.

Everyone is searching for coping skills and the discipline necessary to survive these strange and difficult times. This is the time to address those job (terminated, laid off, furloughed), Marriage and Family, adolescent, child, parenting, depression, “bad habits” or anxiety issues in your life. Being socially isolated, economically challenged and out of our routine has brought forth many emotional issues we have never before experienced. Let me help you develop the special coping skills you need. Call me at 806-352-5582 today and let’s talk about how to not just survive but thrive in these difficult and challenging times.

I would recommend Mark for several reasons. He is very knowledgeable, skillful, and caring about his profession and has been very helpful with the situations in which we have discussed. He makes you…

Robert J.

Our family of 5 have been coming to see Mark on and off for almost 10 years. From marriage to parenting to help with teen troubles, anxiety, goal and life planning and so much more, Mark is always a c…

Terry V.

Mark Britain was a lifesaver to me. He saw through the excuses, and walked with me to the point where I could dismantle the walls I had built to “protect” myself. Mark’s program is no nonsense. Real …

Linda N.

Mark Britain is an amazing, compassionate person that I would highly recommend to anyone. He listens intently and gives great advice. He always makes himself available when possible and treats people …

Janie C.